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About us:

MRI Optimize Consultants maximizes Magnetic Resonance Imaging services by creating unique differentiators.  We’ve helped new start-ups and seasoned radiology businesses create processes that helped them outperform their competition, and established businesses gain back business they’d lost.

To help get your business back on top competitively, give MRI Optimize Consultants a call.

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The two founders of MRI Optimize Consultants have over forty years of combined experience in magnetic resonance alone and over sixty years in radiology, have launched software and medical hardware products in the MRI industry, setup R & D MRI processes, and taught staff at over 350 influential radiology sites, including major universities.

They can setup and instruct MRI neuro; msk; chest/abdomen/pelvis; static and dynamic breast; cardiac (research level); MR Angiography; phase contrast of vessels, csf and cervical sf; MARS sequences; fMRI; Spectroscopy SVS, CSI of brain, breast, prostate; MDDW, Diffusion Tensor Imaging; whole body imaging and so much more.

After evaluating skills, team dynamics, volume, and processes, we integrate steps to strengthen patient loyalty, streamline processes, improve MRI quality, educate staff, and improve community relations and reputation to ultimately create more revenue.

These skills have created strong team members familiar with launching medical software, medical hardware, and pharmaceutical applications in the Bio-Industry field.

They create and perform MRI magic, while making MRI and other businesses work to be profitable, and have proven success.


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