About us:

MRI Optimize Consultants maximizes Magnetic Resonance Imaging services for departments, hospitals and outpatient imaging centers.

  • By creating unique marketable differentiators and drilling down into the MRI physics of the MRI protocols, we improve outcomes, products and reputations.
  • We’ve helped new start-ups create processes that helped them surpass the operations of their competition.
  • We’ve helped established radiology businesses gain back market share after not realizing their image quality had degraded to the point the competition was stealing their business.


To help get your business back on top competitively or get ahead of your competition, give MRI Optimize Consultants a call.

about us, rosemary and catherine

The two founders of MRI Optimize Consultants have over thirty years of combined experience in magnetic resonance alone and over fifty years in radiology, have launched software and medical hardware products in the MRI industry, setup R & D MRI processes, managed staff and taught at over 350 influential radiology sites, including major universities.

They can setup and instruct MRI neuro; msk; chest/abdomen/pelvis; static and dynamic breast; cardiac (research level); MR Angiography; phase contrast of vessels, csf and cervical sf; MARS sequences; fMRI; Spectroscopy SVS, CSI of brain, breast, prostate; MDDW, Diffusion Tensor Imaging; whole body imaging and so much more.

After evaluating skills, team dynamics, volume, and processes, we integrate steps to strengthen patient loyalty, streamline processes, improve MRI quality, educate staff, and improve community relations and reputation to ultimately create more revenue.

These skills have created strong team members who become familiar with building your business, and valued employees who create more success.

They create and perform MRI magic, while making MRI and other businesses work to be profitable, and have proven success.

MRI Optimize staff always have documentation of passing American Red Cross BLS, recent negative TB tests, and other necessary vaccinations prior to going to any clinical sites.

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About the Company:

Mission Statement:

MRI Optimize Consultants will increase our clients’ MRI revenue by optimizing all aspects of their MRI departments. We use our expertise, assessment skills and tailored formulas combining better image quality, efficient patient throughput, MRI staff education, coached teamwork along with focused differentiator marketing tactics.  We include our deep understanding of MRI physics and technology, social media tools, and geek-to-human translation skills to strategize the clients’ ongoing revenue and provide growth for future business development.


MRI Optimize Consultants was formed as an Arizona Limited Liability Corporation in 2008 by Rosemary Fisher, formerly the National MRI Educational Manager for Siemens Medical Corporation, and Catherine Leyen, formerly a National Siemens MRI Senior Applications Specialist who had ventured into the start-up world through other companies.


The Logo: 

MRI Optimize Consultants Logo

Wanting to keep the name in the logo simple, we chose the particular font due to its strong authoritative corners, which we interpreted as the depiction of “power” portrayed throughout the alphanumeric symbols.  The chrome looking “MRI” is meant to depict polished new technology, while staying ahead of the competition in all manner of business.

Eggplant was chosen as the company color, because of the “old world” influence depicted with that particular hue, and because everybody else uses the color blue. The deep purple Eggplant Color also implies authority, worldliness, and respectable culture, which our company chooses to function by.

It takes subject matter expertise with authoritative support to create change in traditionally conservative established cultures. We believe change and innovation lead the way to growth for expanding businesses. Those radiology site administrators who want to capture market share and grow creating strong revenue periods will lead the way in this industry.