Case Studies

Case Study #1 – 1.5T vs 3T Brain Study

1.5t vs 3t image quality

3T on the left, 1.5T on the right can look better than the 3T.


Case Study #2 – MARS MRI


Before and after images showing the value of mars mri settings.


Case Study #3- Lumbar MRI Image Quality Saves a Week


The actual time of MRI protocol comparisons before and after MRI Optimize Consultants worked on the sequences. The final time savings was 14% on each MRI lumbar spine done which calculated out further below.

Lumbar MRI Image Quality

Case #4 – MRI Shoulder Aber View


MRI Shoulder Aber View

MRI Shoulder Aber View

Case Study #5 – 1.5T Improved vs 3T Cervical Spine


This site experienced significant competition from a 3T MRI that moved into the area. We put them back on the map by significantly improving the image quality out of their three 1.5T systems.

MRI Cervical Optimized

Case Study #6 – Improved ACR Shoulder Protocols

MRI improved ACR shoulder

MRI Improved ACR Shoulder

MRI Improved ACR Shoulder

Case Study #7 – Improved GE Lumbar Spine


Improved GE Lumbar Spine

Case Study #8 – Improved MRI Cervical Study

improved mri cervical spine study

Improved MRI Cervical Spine

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