1.5T vs 3T MRI Image Quality

In this case study, a 1.5T vs 3T MRI image quality are done at exceptional quality when protocols are programmed by MRI Optimize Consultants.  Typically, a 3Tesla MRI scanner has more signal to noise resolution in the images, and can outdo image quality in quality and resolution, but when the challenge is laid down to compete, a 1.5T MRI system can equal (and even outdo) a 3T system when side by side comparisons are done.

One can see the area in the cerebellum of the brain is much clearer and definable on the 1.5T image than it is on the 3T image on the left. This actual case demonstrates images on the same patient, two years apart.  Despite the significant atrophy demonstrated in the brain, the image quality from the 3T was not as clear as the 1.5T.

MRI image quality makes or breaks a radiology business. We have seen this time and time again.  Some centers try to use new equipment or higher field strength as a differentiator, but ultimately, it is the value quality of the images that make the diagnosis easier or harder for the reading radiologist.  Throughout this website, you will see images where a 1.5T vs 3T image quality is challenged over and over again. Most of these cases are due to the original 1.5T images setup for average acquisitions.  Remember, a 3T has twice the signal to noise that a 1.5T MRI system does, but it also has four times the SAR (specific absorption rate) or heat units that are limited by the FDA.

1.5t vs 3t image quality - MRI-image quality on Brain-SagT1

The same patient done on a 3T at the competitor’s site, then done later at the site that MRI Optimize Consultants improved using a 1.5T.

MRI image quality is created using around sixty to eighty different physics settings, depending upon the particular sequence used.

In terms of metal artifact, a 3T system is very sensitive to susceptibility artifacts. Due to this, the images with metal get highly disguised, as the metal creates significant signal loss. For patients with MRI compatible metal implants, a 1.5T system is the preferred scanner.

MRI Optimize Consultants uses their expertise with those factors to create the best image quality from your system, at any field strength.  In the example above, it is clearly demonstrated that the 1.5T vs 3T MRI image quality when  the opportunity for a 1.5T system image tune-up happens.



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