Improved GE Lumbar Spine

improved ge-lumbar-spine mri-sagt1

The improved GE lumbar spine image is on the right.

Which lumbar spine image would you rather have?

Would you believe the image on the left had also passed ACR accreditation? It did!

This is an example of an improved GE lumbar spine mri sequence that originally passed ACR accreditation, and then was improved immensely after MRI Optimize Consultants worked on it.  We couldn’t help but optimize the sequence, and then the entire study.

The radiologists who had been reading the images on the left had no idea they could be improved, until after we altered some of the MRI sequence parameters that improved the image quality.  This improved GE lumbar spine mri increased the overall reputation of this site, as they were initially losing cases from referrers and had no idea why.

The technologists at this site were experienced, but had only worked at this one site for many years.  They did not have the understanding or skill set to improve these images, and were not aware the images needed improvement.

We have taught physics for major vendors, coached physicists, radiologists, cardiologists, managers and technologists in the different applications of MRI, and have literally helped hundreds of client sites, including Universities.

If you are a radiologist, which image do you think would help you better diagnose the patient’s pathology and pain?

We KNOW we can make your images better.  Contact us HERE!

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