MRI Improved ACR Shoulder

MRI improved ACR shoulder

Both MRI image protocols passed the ACR (American College of Radiology) criteria, but the sequence on the right was optimized by MRI Optimize Consultants.

MRI Improved ACR Shoulder

Before and After images of an MRI Shoulder protocol improved by MRI Optimize Consultants

Here is the case study:

The sequence parameters originally done on the left had passed the ACR criteria when this site applied for and passed orthopedic MRI accreditation in 2008.  The new improved MRI protocol was sent to the ACR in 2012, and this new protocol also passed the ACR criteria.  This case study shows results that ACR image quality can be improved upon.

Even though this site had passed the American College of Radiology criteria for MRI orthopedic image quality, these parameters can be improved upon for diagnostic image quality. The example shown here is a case study of that fact.  If your images pass the ACR accreditation, that alone does not merely indicate they are setup for the best in image quality.  MRI Optimize Consultants specializes in MRI physics and how those physics affect image quality, and imaging time.  The sequence shown was also reduced by thirty percent (30%) in scan time as well, which allowed for faster scanning overall.

One can clearly tell that the details in the anterior wrist cartilage tissue can be characteristically defined, while the image on the left merges the outline of the cartilages together.  The MRI improved ACR image on the right would be in the best interest of the patient, easier for the radiologist to read, and allow better results for a better outcome.

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