Dept Upgrades

Dept Upgrades are directly proportional to the investment you choose.


Silver Package

  • 10 days on site, including a Saturday
  • Review of Revenue Protocols
  • Improvements on Image Quality for
  • Optimizing Workflow
  • Review of MRI Safety Procedures
  • MRI Technologist Skill Checklist
  • Full Report Included
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Gold Package

  • Four weeks to two months of scheduled time on site, at weekly intervals
  • Maximum Optimization available based on time
  • Protocols streamlined for optimum patient throughput
  • Improvement in MRI Specialty Imaging
  • MRI Differentiators to capture market share
  • Business growth drivers started in place
  • Full Report Included
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 Platinum Package

  • Six months to one year on site at two week intervals
  • Great for centers with multiple sites
  • Overall improved image quality to compete in high density MRI climate
  • Optimization of all Major Revenue Protocols
  • Assessment & Improvement in Specialty MRI Imaging
  • Build / Improve selected imaging specialty at each site
  • MRI Technologist Skill assessments
  • Strong Marketing Integrated with MRI differentiators
  • Full Report Included
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