Gold Package

  • Four weeks to two months of scheduled time on site, at weekly intervals
  • Maximum Optimization available based on time
  • Protocols streamlined for optimum patient throughput
  • Improvement in MRI Specialty Imaging
  • MRI Differentiators to capture market share
  • Business growth drivers started in place
  • Full Report Included

The Gold Package MRI service focuses on the largest hurdles in making the greatest ROI on your MRI revenue.

We arrive on Tuesday morning, often work into the evenings with possible alone time on the system to review protocols.   We never make changes without administrative and radiologist approval. As an option, we utilize the Saturday for testing, stay over the weekend, and continue through until late the following week.

Your investment in the Gold Package results in noticeably improved  MRI exams, which positively and fiscally affects your overall operation.



gold package

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