Platinum Package

  • Six months to one year on site at two week intervals
  • Great for centers with multiple sites
  • Overall improved image quality to compete in high density MRI climate
  • Optimization of all Major Revenue Protocols
  • Assessment & Improvement in Specialty MRI Imaging
  • Build / Improve selected imaging specialty at each site
  • MRI Technologist Skill assessments
  • Strong Marketing Integrated with MRI differentiators
  • Full Report Included

This Premium MRI Platinum Package allows us to dig deeply into your protocols, further educate your MRI technologists into MRI physics details, introduce new exams to your marketable offerings.

A thorough MRI evaluation and optimization plan is initiated, administrators are kept informed on progress, and ongoing interaction with the Radiologists eventually results in optimized protocols.  The results in fiscal savings, and operational improvement for your radiology business are significant, but this does not occur overnight.  It takes from six months to a year, depending upon the number of MRI systems to be optimized.

We arrive on Tuesday morning, often work into the evenings with possible alone time on the system to review protocols.   We never make changes without administrative and radiologist approval.

This premium investment in the Platinum Optimization Package results in significantly improved MRI operations, which fiscally improves your bottom line.  Your outgoing images are compared with your competition, and after this service, you will outshine your competition in side by side comparisons.


platinum package


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