testimonial "impressive service" - space needle

“MRI Optimize Consultants provides an impressive service.  Beyond providing a wealth of expertise on MRI applications their insight into the entire workflow of an MRI facility make them real problem solvers.

Their teaching demeanor is one thing that stands out. They interface with the technologists in a personable yet professional manner that makes them a pleasure to work with. Their proficiency is seen not only in tuning protocols to specific needs and identifying deficiencies in problematic techniques but in their ability to scale their apps training to the skill level of the technologists to most effectively mesh with both the techs needs and the facility’s requirements.
Going beyond applications training they can facilitate an understanding of the needs between radiologists and technologists to improve the lines of communication between these work groups. Their experience give them the ability to provide incite into the efficiency of a site and identify disconnects within the workflow path and suggest solutions.”

Greg / MRI Service Engineer