MRI image quality makes or breaks a radiology business.

We have seen this time and time again.  Some centers try to use new equipment or higher field strength as a differentiator, but ultimately, it is the value quality of the images that make the diagnosis easier or harder for the reading radiologist.

mri-brain-axial t2-weighted-with-TE114

MRI image quality is created using around sixty to eighty different physics settings, depending upon the particular sequence used.

MRI Optimize Consultants uses their expertise with those factors to create the best image quality from your system, at any field strength.

In the case example above, the 3.0T image came from a competitors site, and the patient was then sent again to the client site for scanning on their 1.5T system, but after MRI Optimize Consultants had optimized the scan parameters on the 1.5T system.  You can see the image quality is better on the 1.5T system than the parameters used on the 3T system. While this may seem like an unusual circumstance, there is example after example where MRI Optimize Consultants has created better image quality on the 1.5T system as compared to the same patient who was scanned on a competitor’s 3T system.