MRI scanners come in different manufacturer, models and field strengths.

MRI Optimize Consultants has a great deal of experience working on multiple types of mri scanners and create the best image quality for you no matter the system type.

MRI scanners come from various vendors in different makes and models. We are familiar with most of the major vendors and can help create improved and better images.  What works on one model of MRI scanner may not work the same way on another model. The manufacturers use different types of physics when the gradient fields are applied, as well as use different methodologies for different  types of sequence acquisitions.  For instance, Siemens uses the TE on odd level echo trains and GE may suggest even numbered echo trains.  Each vendor has its reasons, but we know how to transfer the data and get the best image quality, no matter the system, and despite the peculiarities of each vendor MRI system.  GE MRI systems are some of the most popular MRI systems installed in the market today, with Siemens a favorite among radiology practitioners.


GE 1.5T System

MRI scanners are the imaging tool to the master, like a Stradivarius violin is to a fine musician.


3T MRI scanners offer a whole new type of imaging parameters that need to be altered to get the most out of the systems to reduce heating known as SAR (specific absorption rate).   This system is an ultra high field 3T MRI standard system showing a standard bore size.