ACR Accreditation

ACR accreditation is critical to operations and getting full reimbursement in MRI.  Would you believe almost 40% (forty percent) of the MRI applicants fail in their first attempt at submission?

We have never (yet) failed an ACR submission for magnetic resonance imaging, and we have setup and submitted the procedures many, many times.  Failing can get expensive in both time, money and reimbursements.

We perform the protocol setup and technical portion for the Clinical and Phantom submissions, including necessary scanning, helping submit the forms, while helping your staff create the necessary policies and perform the submission for review.

We are experienced with low field open MRI systems, including 1.5T and 3T systems.  We are also familiar with Siemens, GE and Philips, along with older Hitachi low field open systems.

We can also review the skillset and mentor a new technologist remotely, if necessary to comply with accreditation guidelines.



The image on the left was performed using a protocol that had passed the regulatory accreditation standards three years prior. The image on the right was optimized by MRI Optimize Consultants. In addition to being 54 seconds shorter, the radiologists preferred the image on the right.

MRI acr accreditation. iaciac mri accreditation


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