MRI Applications

Your fully trained MRI technologist is the most important person in your MRI business.

Some of the subjects we might cover on MRI Applications are:

  • MRI Safety and Security
  • Protocol Optimization Techniques
    • Neuro Imaging Specialty Techniques
    • Orthopedic Specialty Techniques
    • Abdominal Imaging Techniques
    • Breast 4D Imaging Techniques
    • Female Pelvis Imaging
    • Male Pelvis Imaging Techniques
  • MR Angiography Tricks for any body part
  • MRI Perfusion Imaging
  • MRI Phase Contrast Imaging
  • Spectroscopy – SVS and CSI
  • fMRI – Functional MRI (BOLD)
  • MRI Physics and what to do for image quality trouble-shooting


MRI Aber View of shoulder

Before and After MRI shoulder Aber View.

We educate and train your staff further on the system and tailor those to the patient exam demographics for that site.  Standard vendor MRI applications training is often not enough, and often the techs trained on the scanner are not even working at the site anymore.

MRI is a highly technical field, where “button pushers” become part of the problems at many of the sites we visit.   MRI is also one of the highest revenue generators for growing your business.

Through our MRI applications and teaching methods, we teach practical MR physics combined with a MRI image quality improvement methods that will create confident, capable technologists, which reward you with an investment for ongoing profitability.

MRI Optimize Consultants have been in the MRI industry for over twenty years, and have extensive experience on Siemens, GE and Philips MRI scanners to systematically educate the site staff on the idiosyncrasies of each system, and focus on image quality through MRI physics expertise.

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