MRI Image TuneUp

When is the last time your MRI system had an MRI Image TuneUp?

An MRI Image TuneUp is not the same as a regular PM (preventive maintenance.)  Our service evaluates your image quality and throughput directly.

Most of us take our cars in for regular engine tuneups, and yet your MRI system, which should be creating phenomenal income for your business, is worth so much more!  Unfortunately, most Radiology Directors believe their MRI systems are always tuned for the best in image quality, when in fact they are not.

By the way, the image on the left (before) had already passed the ACR qualifications for MRI wrist parameters, so this demonstrates that passing ACR is not the full remedy.

mri image tuneup of an mri wrist arthrogram

Before and after images of an MRI Wrist Arthrogram that underwent and MRI Image TuneUp. This sequence alone was improved for image quality while using half the scan time.


Some of the reasons your MRI site may need an MRI Image TuneUp are:

  • Regular system use
  • MRI technologist staff turnover
  • Demands for faster scanning
  • New inexperienced technologists
  • Staff who have experience from only a few MRI sites
  • Seasoned techs who insist on incorrect scanning actions
  • Attempts at shortening scan times incorrectly to accommodate increased volumes
  • and many other reasons can over time diminish the quality of the images you are sending out from your MRI center.


MRI Image TuneUp

Our short simple solution is a three day MRI Image TuneUp for your system.

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