Services Offered

Affordable customized services offered for any budget by MRI Optimize Consultants.

The more you invest in training and optimization, the greater the fiscal return in your MRI department.



MRI Image TuneUp Service

  • Three full days on site
  • Optimization of MRI Image Quality
  • Trouble Shooting of Difficult Studies with staff
  • Written Report
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Silver Package

  • 10 days on site, including a Saturday
  • Review of Revenue Protocols
  • Improvements on Image Quality for
  • Optimizing Workflow
  • Review of MRI Safety Procedures
  • MRI Technologist Skill Checklist
  • Full Report Included


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Gold Package

  • Four weeks to two months of scheduled time on site, at weekly intervals
  • Maximum Optimization available based on time
  • Protocols streamlined for optimum patient throughput
  • Improvement in MRI Specialty Imaging
  • MRI Differentiators to capture market share
  • Business growth drivers started in place
  • Full Report Included


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 Platinum Package

  • Six months to one year on site at two week intervals
  • Great for centers with multiple sites
  • Overall improved image quality to compete in high density MRI climate
  • Optimization of all Major Revenue Protocols
  • Assessment & Improvement in Specialty MRI Imaging
  • Build / Improve selected imaging specialty at each site
  • MRI Technologist Skill assessments
  • Strong Marketing Integrated with MRI differentiators
  • Full Report Included


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3T-mri-Cervical-optimized showing other sites 3t image compared against an optimized 1.5t image are some of the services offered

This site experienced significant competition from a 3T MRI that moved into the area. We put them back on the map by significantly improving the image quality out of their three 1.5T systems.


Tailored MRI Services Available…





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