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Body Piercings and MRI Safety

Many have asked MRI Optimize about body piercings and MRI safety. If the patient cannot or will not remove their body piercing, but the MRI scan has to happen

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Cleaning the MRI

Cleaning the MRI scanner and equipment is an important task that has come to light in recent years, and should be done between patients in magnetic resonance imaging exam rooms.  This could be accomplished when all staff are informed on objectives, based on a MRI... read more

MRI closer to coronary artery diagnosis

One of the keys to determining the value of coronary artery imaging in MRI, is the possibility of calculating the amount of atherosclerotic placque inside the small arteries that feed the heart muscle.

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NMR Beginning

Two pioneering researchers in the 1940’s, one at each end of the United States, were doing research on different chemical elements and how those chemical frequencies had a signal that registered in measurement pertaining to each chemical component.

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MRA Carotid Flow Quantification

MRA Carotid Flow Quantification is a technique in which MRI scanners use a specific sequence to help determine if the blood flow is going in the correct direction.

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MRI Cardiac Imaging

The MRI cardiac imaging exam can be streamlined to specifics for finding answers to the exact information requested.

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MRI Spectroscopy

This is the feature exploited in what started off as nuclear magnetic imaging techniques; the name change occurred after the term nuclear alarmed would be patients and practitioners. To desensitize the masses, magnetic resonance imaging became the new term of use for this imaging procedure.

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Extend the life of your MRI scanner

We have been asked by CEO’s and radiologists, “How can I extend the life of our MRI system?” In this short summary, here are the primary answers to this question.

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Large Hadron Rap

2008 Sept – Large Hadron Rap       MRI Technologists were some of the first geeks (when the word “Geek” wasn’t really cool) so when the CERN super-collider was being charged up for functioning, we were excited about the science that this... read more