This non-contrast renal MRA phase contrast sequence was done before any of the proprietary sequences were created by some of the vendors known as NATIVE, or some as others named them.

This sequence was created from the root sequence directory by MRI Optimize Consultants on an Espree Open 1.5T system as a single 3D sequence to visualize the renal arteries and aorta without any use of Gadolinium based contrast material.  The sequence can be used when the use of IV MRI contrast is contraindicated by the condition of the patient.

These sequences have since been refined by each of the MRI manufacturers and sold as a performance package for use without MRI contrast. Sequences of this nature can be valuable by imaging vascular anatomy, demonstrate occlusions or thrombus and other gross abnormalities.

Additionally, the newer marketed sequences are also phase contrast sequences that have been modified for maximum signal to noise and ease of acquisition by the technologist.  Older MRI systems can also have these sequences built for custom use by experts like us who understand how the physics of these sequences work.


Non-contrast Renal MRA Phase Contrast

This type of phase contrast sequence can be done on almost any portion of the human arterial (and often venous) anatomy based on the direction, flow speed known as VENC (velocity encoding) and MRI system.  The high field MRI systems are best for this type of sequence.